Kvitfjell ski school offers private lessons at all levels and for all ages.

Private lessons can be booked either by e-mail skiskole(at) or this link: 

Private lessons are best suited for those ski-, snowboard- and cross-country enthusiasts who want a more tailored lesson to their wishes. Learn from the best and invest in your skiing / snowboarding holiday. Our trained instructors analyze skills and set up the lesson according to your ambitions and goals. The instructors will help you explore the mountains and find suitable trails according to your requirements.

We offer 25 min (only for age 2-3), 55 min, 90 min, 120 min and 180 min lessons, as well as a 180 min "Family class" where you can be up to 5 people. The family lesson is set up according to your wishes and needs, contact us and we will tailor the lesson for you.

Meeting point for private lessons: Lift G, KIDS GudbrandsGard or Lift I (i), KIDS Skitorget.